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Things to keep in mind while booking: Your overall cost and time spent at the salon will be determined by the amount of hair you have, the length of your hair, your color history, and current color.

*No Shows and Cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment will result in a 40% fee.*



This technique is similar to a balayage—however, foils are used to get a higher lift. If you are looking for that "beach blonde" look or your hair is very dark and you are looking for a dramatic color transformation, a foilage is for you. A foilage does not go all the way up to the scalp.



When you want to have an overall lighter look and add dimension, the best way to achieve amazing results is through full highlights. Highlights start from the very root of your hair and continue all the way to the ends.


All Over Color

If you want one singe color from root to end, this service would be perfect for you. All over color will darken or enhance your current color to be more warm or cool.


Bleach & Tone

This is the process of lightening hair regrowth (2” or less) directly from the scalp of your hair to a bright blonde and then toning it to the desired shade.



An air exposed, very natural lightening. You would want a balayage if you’re looking for a sun-kissed color. This is a very subtle but beautiful addition to any color.


Vivid & Rainbow Colors

The colors of the rainbow! Your options are endless with the placement and colors you can achieve with vivid colors. Almost every vivid color requires hair to be pre-lightened.



Similar to highlights, every lightened piece of hair is put into a foil to achieve maximum lift. Baby lights are very fine, tiny weaves that seamlessly blend together. Baby lights allow clients with more stubborn or darker hair to get much lighter than they would with regular highlights.


All Over Blonding

This service is for those who want to drastically transition to blonde. All over blonding is for someone who has no existing blonde and wants to completely transform to a blonde, or someone that is a more low maintenance blonde that wishes to transition to a root-to-end platinum blonde.


Reverse Balayage

This service is for someone who desires more dimension in their color. Most commonly, their balayage has gotten too blonde and they need dark pieces to break it up.

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